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College Of The Canyons, National Student Nurses Association
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NSNA Activities

Here are the recent(as of 12/01) on goings @ COCNSNA


There are several prizes for recruitment, I think that we may qualify for a few $200.00 for the largest percentage increase we will be increasing by 50%, so I am going to enter us in that one. I have registered us for the NSNA The Skys The Limit recruiter status, we get money for recruiting new members which is a no brainer.


There are several prizes for newsletters, I think we should see if someone wants to take on this project. Prizes are $100.00 for most outstanding newsletter. I know we do not have one but if we could get it started it would be good for the mid-year conference.

Website Award:

I have entered our website in this competition, prizes include a trip to Philladelphia for the website director, money for the club etc

By-Laws/Policies Committiee

Write a 500 word essay on the Value of Professionalisim and Ethics in Nursing, I have began an essay, I would like to send in at least 5 essays.
There are several awards that we do not qualify for but we should make committiees to begin for next semester.
1. Community Health Project Awards
2. Legislation Education Awards
3. Breakthrough to Nursing Awards
4. Image of Nursing Awards

Other interesting NSNA Stuff

* Contest to win a Trip to England and Philladelphia. The Essay is 1000 words and the topic is "What Can Be Done to Attract More Young People into the Nursing Profession."Prize is Trip to England in October, $1000.00 travel money, Trip to Philladelphia for nationals

*If anyone is interested in running for state or national office please let me know

*NSNA has a leadership website its address is

*If anyone would like to write an article and have it published in imprint please see me They are looking for several types of articles, reducing stress, nurse entrepenures, and advanced practice nursing

If you would like to participate or are interested in any of the activities... please email me @ or you can put a note in my box. :)Connie