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College Of The Canyons, National Student Nurses Association

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First Semester Page


Hello 2002 First Semester Stuednts,

Welcome to our program. I hope that you are all ready for hard work-- but loads of fun and exciting new experiences. I am currently a Second Semester student and I really enjoy it.
First semester was wonderful for me, I learned tons of new stuff, made new friends and I grew a little bit as a person. I wanted to pass along a few tips to help you all out:
1. Buy a calander and use it! Schedule your videos and CAIs
2. Be organized!
3. Read the chapters ahead of time and pay attention in
4. Be positive in everything you do - it is a sanity saver
5. Participate in everything - get as much experience as
you can!
6. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Attend the NSNA meetings.

Connie Leonard

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Patient Education

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