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College Of The Canyons, National Student Nurses Association

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Below is information that I copied from the COC Nursing page, it is for reference only. Please contat the nursing office for the most current and up-to-date versions of this information

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Registered Nurse Program
Accredited Program with California Board of Registered Nursing

Program Description

The two-year registered nursing program at College of the Canyons is accredited by the State Board of Registered Nurses and National League for Nursing. It is designed to prepare the student for the responsibilities and knowledge required of the entry level registered nurse.

Program Purpose

The purposes of the COC program in nursing are to qualify the graduate to receive a certificate of completion, an Associate in Science degree (with a major in nursing) and to take the national licensure examination to become a registered nurse.

Nursing Requirements

A. Anatomy/Physiology (Biology 204-205 or 250)
B. Microbiology (Biology 221)
C. Psychology 101
D. English 090 or 101 (Eng 080 required for selection only and is not used for GPA)
E. Speech 105 or Speech 223

Associate Degree Requirements
Students are to see a college counselor or program advisor for specific information regarding associate degree course requirements.
F. Humanities (met by Speech 105, but not by Speech 223)
G. Language & Rationality Skills (met by English 090 or 101) and Math 070 or Business Math 144
H. Reading Proficiency (met by English 080 or 101 or Test-Out on English placement exam).
I. American Institutions (see counselor for options)
J. *Physical Education/Dance - 2 units or 2 classes
* 1 unit of PE waived due to 13 hours/week faculty supervised clinical activity.

All the above classes must be passed with a grade "C"or better.

(Consult a COC Counselor for Test Out information and for sequence of required classes. Non- nursing courses may be taken concurrently with nursing subjects.)

Nursing Courses (Upon acceptance into the program)

Fundamentals (Nursing 101A / 101AL)
Fundamentals (Nursing 101B / 101BL)
Beginning Medical/Surgical (M/S) (Nursing 102 & 102L)
Maternal-Newborn/Pediatric (Nursing 106 & 106L)
Psychiatric (Nursing 200 & 200L)
Intermediate M/S (Nursing 202 & 202L)
Advanced M/S/Gerontology (Nursing 204 & 204L)

Students should be prepared for evening clinical assignments

For a detailed description of each course, see our RN Curriculum page

Selection Criteria

Completion of English 080, English 090, and Math 060 (with grade C or better) or Business Math 144 (with a grade C or better).

Placement tests may be taken.

Once 1 & 2 have been met, applicant is eligible to proceed with selection process (enter lottery) as follows:

Minimum GPA of 2.50 in any completed Nursing Science requirements (Biology 204, 205, or 250 and Biology 221; Psychology 101; English 090 or 101; and Speech 105). GPA is calculated by using Nursing Science courses listed above completed by the time of selection.

GPA of 2.50 must be maintained in all Nursing Science requirements not completed by time of selection to remain eligible. For high school students who have not taken college classes, GPA is calculated using advanced placement science classes and Algebra*
*For high school students who have graduated within two years.

Lottery each Spring for all applicants who meet above criteria.

Application Procedure

Obtain COC application, complete, submit and forward official transcripts from each high school and college attended to Admissions and Records.
Take Math & English placement examination. Applicants with English, as a second language should ask about the ESL language examination.
Completion of English 090, English 080, and Math 060, or Business Math 144 (with a grade of "C" or better), or test-out on COC placement examinations.
Arrange a counseling appointment.
Obtain Nursing Program application forms from the Allied Health office (I-315) and submit in the month of October.
College transcripts for each college attended (except COC) must be sent to the Allied Health Office by selection deadline.
Submit placement exam results (if applicable) to Allied Health Office by selection deadline.
Attend a Nursing Program general orientation.

Application Deadline dates

Alternate Entry Applicants

Students may apply to the RN program by transfer or challenge. Students desiring this type of admission must begin the process by arranging an appointment with the Program Director.

B.S.N. Information

The Counseling Department will assist students who are interested in continuing their nursing education at a 4 year college by identifying additional course work that can be taken at College of the Canyons. (See college catalog for more details.)

Counseling Information

Students are advised to make an appointment with a COC counselor each semester for advisement of Nursing/Associate of Science requirements met or needed. For further information contact Counseling (ext. 3287).

Cost Of Program

In addition to the purchase of textbooks, supplies and uniforms, students will pay a college enrollment fee, health fee and student body fee. Students accepted into the program are required to have a physical examination plus required immunizations and current CPR certificate and Fire Card prior to the start of classes. Students must provide their own living expenses and transportation. Limited educational grants and loans are available through Financial Aid office.

Non-Discrimination Statement

The Santa Clarita Community College District does not discriminate on the basis of ethnic groups identity, religion, sex, age, color, national origin, marital status, mental disability or physical disability including persons with AIDS/ARC/HIV in any of its policies, procedures, or practices. This nondiscrimination statement covers admission and access to, and treatment and employment in, the District's programs, services and activities.

This information is subject to change as deemed appropriate by the Santa Clarita Community College District.

Allied Health Office ........... ext. 3550
Counseling Office ............... ext. 3487